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Heavy-Duty Trucks

Constant flow lubrication for trucks extends the life of components and can improve handling and ride. Vital suspension parts such as king pins, spring pins, slack adjusters, cams, tie rods, steering linkage, and even the fifth wheel are applied grease while in motion with metered continuous doses. The result is less component wear, reduced downtime, freeing of labor time, and a lower parts bill. Protect your equipment investment for less than the first truck payment.


Bulk tank, freight van, refrigerated, lowboy, or dump trailers all benefit when key suspension components are greased while operating. The life of camshafts, bushings, slack adjusters, landing gear, and even brakes can all be extended with constant flow lubrication. Reduce out of service time, lower component replacement needs, extend overall trailer life, and free up labor time for other repairs. Trailer systems available with pump and timer or shared systems from tractor.

Off-Road Equipment

From small Wheel Loaders to giant Off-Highway Trucks, the savings of time and money with an automated lubrication system grows with each hour of operation. A complete lubrication system applies measured lubricant doses to all the various cylinders, pivots, yokes, bearings, arms, and pins. The constant flow provides a steady layer of protection while flushing out contaminants as the equipment is in operation. Eliminate work stoppages for greasing, reduce equipment down-time for major component replacement, ensure that all points are lubricated, and protect your overall investment for less than the first payment.

Industrial Machinery

Lubrication requirements for stationary equipment is as demanding as mobile equipment with added challenges and safety concerns. Automated grease systems are available to dispense lubricant from 20 to 200 points, to the highest and most difficult areas to reach, under the harshest conditions, on schedule and on time. Greasing while the machinery is moving, provides greater lubricant coverage to critical bearings and other wear components. Applications include batch cement plants, block plants, food processing machinery, metal working, port shipping cranes, and various process manufacturing machinery.


  • Lubricate In Motion
  • Improve Handling
  • Reduce Wear & Repair
  • Lower Parts Expense
  • Limit Downtime
  • Free Up Labor Time
  • Protect Equipment Investment
  • Improve Safety